I thought about starting a 30 day blog challenge or something similar, but I think I’ll just do my own thing.  I feel like the structure of the 30 day challenge and the topics included wouldn’t keep me on board.  So I’ll just put up a personal/ meaningful blog post at least every 2 days, along with random stuff I normally post.

So what about that Photo up there?  That is my personal journal which currently has 0 pages written in it.  I thought about it when contemplating weather or not to do a 30 day thing which is why I decided to share it.  I got it (or rather my mother picked it up for me when I said I wanted a journal) over the summer when I was assembling an “end of the world survival backpack.”  (that’s really the only way to describe it)  So I guess the reason I got the journal was to document the apocalypse.  and that’s why I haven’t written in it yet.  the world is still pretty O.K.

The stickers on the front represent things I support or like, and the reverse side has shipping labels to cities I have visited.  The writing on the front (and back) is from Charlotte Brontë, some writer from the 1800’s who I have no interest in.  I just liked the old look of it.  also, I just now found that it has a sweet pocket in the back cover.  That should show you how much I’ve actually used this thing, haha.