Tumblr, get a real message system

there’s a character restriction on asks. you can’t review an ask you replied to. and if you send fan mail, and get a response, WHAT YOU WROTE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE IS NO LONGER INCLUDED!

like goddamn.


The various paintings found in Peach’s castle, from Super Mario 64 by Nintendo.


I never beat the final boss in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
I never made it to Metroid Prime because I could never beat Meta Ridley
I still haven’t gotten 100% completion in Mario Kart Double Dash
And now I’m stuck on the final boss in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

It’s like I’m good at video games, but not quite good enough.

But then there was that time I never made it off tutorial island in Kingdom Hearts because I couldn’t find the third fish…